Struggling to get consistent results from LinkedIn outreach?

LinkedIn Automation Like You’ve Never Seen Before.

Grow your network and build valuable relationships in 15 minutes per day.

Daily Growth

Don’t miss a day of connecting with potential clients. Find your inbox filled with valuable conversations.

Human-Like Behaviour

Run campaigns as if you were doing the work manually… but you could be relaxing at the beach 😉

Easy Set-up

Create your first campaign today. No big learning curve or complicated onboarding process.

Tired of wasting time on LinkedIn strategies that don’t work?

Feeling frustrated and disillusioned by the lack of new clients despite all the time and effort invested?

Spending countless hours creating content that fails to generate leads.
Paying for expensive tools that don’t deliver the promised results.
Have lots of connections but struggle to keep in touch and turn them into clients.
Feeling overwhelmed by conflicting advice from so-called ‘Gurus.’
Risking your LinkedIn account with spammy and insecure automation techniques.
Losing track of potential leads and follow-ups.
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You deserve a powerful tool that simplifies LinkedIn marketing and delivers real results.

A Simple Process To Streamline Your LinkedIn Marketing


Seamlessly integrate one or more LinkedIn Accounts without risking your privacy or security


Set up your campaigns using our intuitive dashboard—no technical expertise required.


Watch as your network grows, with all the heavy lifting done for you.

…Scale (Reliably)

Too many leads coming in? Just slow down the automation. Want more? Speed it up. You have full control.

Some recent results from our clients

Lesley Thomas

The booster you have been running for me has been going really well.
I have had 32 sign ups out of a target of 40. Thanks a lot!

Dr. Pat Boulogne

The interaction is great. Anyone who says it is not worth the relationship effort is not in the right headspace. I got booked on a high-end Forbes women’s podcast from that sequence.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Thank you! The booster campaign has just resulted in a really good opportunity! Wish me luck for the discovery call with this lady 🙏

Create lists of your ideal target audience in a breeze

LinkedSavvy allows you to scrape and import lead lists with just a few clicks.
You can get leads from:

→ Doing a regular LinkedIn Search
→ Using the power of Sales Navigator filtering
→ Checking the attendee’s list of LinkedIn Events
→ Scraping members of a specific LinkedIn Group

You can also import leads that have interacted with any LinkedIn post.
Or, upload your own list if you already have one!

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Run multiple campaigns with unlimited action steps

Do you have multiple target audiences? Do you want to promote different products simultaneously?

No problem! You can have multiple campaigns with:

→ Different target audiences
→ Different messaging sequences
Unlimited actions for each campaign

You can run one-off campaigns to promote events, product launches or anything else.

Or, evergreen campaigns to always be networking!

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Manage everything from one place (your inbox included)

Jumping from one window to another is a waste of time. With LinkedSavvy, you can manage everything from the same dashboard.

→ Manage your connections
→ See your inbox and respond to DMs
→ Add connections to campaigns manually
→ Use To-Dos to remind yourself of future actions

Our tool doubles as your LinkedIn CRM, allowing you to save time (and money). 
Running multiple accounts? You’ll have easy access to all from the same place.

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Get real-time analytics & detailed reports

What’s the point of doing LinkedIn marketing if you can’t monitor your progress?

LinkedSavvy shows you everything you need to know:

→ Number of new connections
→ Connection request acceptance rate
→ Messages sent and how many people replied
→ Detailed daily activity so you can track everything

Need to send reports? Simply select the dates you want and download them. 

You can even customize them with your branding. As easy as that.

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Keep your account safe & secure at all times

We’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting the best way to run LinkedIn automation. 

With LinkedSavvy you get:

→ Reply detection
→ IP Address matching
→ Dedicated browser use
→ Human-like waiting delays
→ Special connections blacklisting
→ Auto-withdraw connection requests

Plus, access to an experienced support team.
All designed to keep your LinkedIn account safe and secure.

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Over a Decade of experience in LinkedIn Automation


LinkedIn Accounts Managed


Revenue generate by our clients over the last 10 years


Over 10 Millions LinkedIn DM’s delivered

Our Promise to You

We promise to elevate your LinkedIn marketing and deliver consistent results without expecting you to compromise on your privacy and risk losing your LinkedIn Account.

Your success on LinkedIn is our priority, and we are committed to providing the tools and support you need to achieve it.

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We promise to save you time.

With LinkedSavvy, you can automate repetitive tasks and focus on high-impact activities like building authentic relationships that turn into new business.

We promise to boost your engagement.

Short description of the promise that focuses on a benefit or success that it brings the customer

We promise to empower your success.

LinkedSavvy is built on the belief that everyone deserves a powerful, efficient tool to reach their professional goals.

We Understand Your LinkedIn Challenges and Have the Solution.

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You’ll be in good company

Transform Your LinkedIn Experience Just Like These Clients

Experience consistent growth, higher engagement, and more meaningful connections on LinkedIn, all while saving time and reducing frustration.

Andrew Izumi

It’s a different kind of service, unlike other softwares. I’m coming in contact with people that actually have a need for my products. Plus, they really care about you. From top down, everyone cares about your success. You’re not just a dollar figure that comes in every single month.

Dr Joel Shertok

I have been using the software for over six months, and I find it an invaluable tool for creating connections on LinkedIn. Once it is set up, it’s automated and does not require any interventions from the user. The software is all-inclusive, sending out responses to connections, birthday greetings, etc.

Hannah Power

Powerful tool for anyone looking to grow their brand and business on LinkedIn. If you’re serious about LinkedIn and want to make it a key part of your business and brand strategy, this is the way to go. One of my favourite features is the automated connection request when someone views your profile. As someone who creates content daily this is a key part of my lead generation process and has brought me countless clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LinkedSavvy different from other LinkedIn tools?

LinkedSavvy combines powerful automation with user-friendly features and AI-driven insights, making it the most comprehensive LinkedIn marketing tool available.

Can I manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with LinkedSavvy?

Absolutely. LinkedSavvy is designed to handle multiple accounts, making it perfect for agencies and teams.

Can I manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with LinkedSavvy?

Absolutely. LinkedSavvy is designed to handle multiple accounts, making it perfect for agencies and teams.

How does LinkedSavvy help save time?

By automating repetitive LinkedIn tasks, LinkedSavvy frees up your time so you can focus on strategic activities and meaningful engagements.

What kind of support do you offer?

We provide comprehensive support through our in-app system, including AI chat for instant responses and a dedicated support team.

Do I need technical skills to use LinkedSavvy?

No, LinkedSavvy is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, even for those without technical expertise.

What makes LinkedSavvy different from content marketing strategies?

LinkedSavvy focuses on automated, consistent outreach rather than relying on algorithm-driven content marketing. This approach directly connects you with prospects, bypassing the uncertainty of content performance.

Can I still use content marketing while using LinkedSavvy?

Absolutely. LinkedSavvy complements your content marketing efforts by ensuring that your outreach is consistent and targeted, increasing the overall effectiveness of your LinkedIn strategy.

Is it safe to use LinkedSavvy?

LinkedSavvy employs intelligent and personalized outreach strategies that focus on building genuine connections rather than spamming. Our tools ensure that your LinkedIn activity is natural and compliant with LinkedIn marketing best practices.

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